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Academic Courses

Course we offer include Certified nurse assistant (CNA) classes, CNA refresher classes, Certified medication Aid (CMA) classes, CMA update classes with flexible schedules to meet your individual needs. Contact us for more information.



The C N A curriculum is 90-clock hours covering lecture, classroom discussion, hands on skills training (45 hours) and clinical experience (45 hours).

The C N A curriculum cover a broad range of topics, ranging from bathing a patient, positioning in bed, in the chair, abuse and neglect, how to feed and dress a patient, proper body mechanics for lifting and turning patients. Also, topics such as recognizing depression, dealing with dementia, infection control issues, and catheter care will be fully explore.


CNA Refresher

The CNA refresher course is designed for CNAs who have not met the requirement that they have been employed to perform nursing tasks in the past 24 consecutive months.

The course consists of a minimum of five hours didactic and five hours laboratory/clinical



The Kansas certified medication aide curriculum focuses on the geriatric population in an adult long term-care, versus acute medical care, setting. The blueprint for the curriculum serves as the basis for the state-developed standardized test.


CMA Update

The medication aide certificate is valid for two years. During the two years, CMA are require to take a T a 10 hour continuing education course in order to maintain their certification up to date. For more information regarding CMA update, contact us or read Recertification-requirements-for medication aides.

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