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We believe in Student's God given caring ability 

Learn from the best and most compassionate nurses in the field.

How it Works

About our School

Neyang School of Nursing (NSN) LLC., is a private, postsecondary educational institution in Olathe, Kansas, dedicated to build on students’ God given caring ability to impact individuals’ lives and the nursing field in general for many years to come. At the Neyang School of Nursing, we are proud to introduce the profession of nursing to young individuals and to everyone interested in helping others. With compassion we teach our students to help people suffering or our older adults with their activities including activities of daily living and their instrumental activities of daily living. In our school you will learn from the best nurses.


Our Courses



CNA Refresher

CMA Refresher

Student Stories

Neyang School of Nursing gave a unique opportunity to become a CNA even though I was English as Second language student. Instructors are genuinely nice and always really to help. 


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